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Monkey - Classic Arcade FormAbout the Book

Explore the naive art of late 19th and early 20th century shooting gallery targets, whole galleries, and arcade forms. Commonly seen on early midways and carnivals, as well as in saloons and other public places of  amusement, here, in a presentation of compelling color photographs, are the rarest and most aesthetically  pleasing decorative targets and arcade forms known. The progression from the world of shooting gallery and arcade forms, as well as painted American fixtures and accessories, to contemporary art and sculpture has been a natural evolution. Also featured are examples of other amusement attractions to which the visitor to the carnival, circus, or midway would have been exposed. A few European forms are included to illustrate the difference between them and American forms.

“Have been through your book 3 times so far.  Love it,.  So many more forms than I ever imagined.  Guess I will have to start looking wider and deeper.”  EB

Table of Contents

Author's Preface

Forward: The American Arcade
1. WM. F. Mangles Co. Carousel Works, Coney Island, New York
2. C.W. Parker, The Carnival King, Abilene & Leavenworth, Kansas
3. William Wurfflein (aka Quaker City Arms and Target Works), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4. John T. Dickman CO, Los Angeles, California
5. The Chicago Manufacturers: Evans, Hoffmann, Mueller, and Smith
6. Miscellaneous Targets
7. European Targets
8. Other Arcade Objects